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Lawn Games


Entertain guests from cocktail hour through the wedding reception.

Our collection of lawn games will delight both young and old, while creating fun memories for all.


Classic Lawn Games Package 

Includes 10 Games:

  • Cornhole (not shown)

  • Jenga 

  • Connect Four 

  • Tic-Tac-Toe 

  • Bowling 

  • Quoits 

  • Croquet 

  • Bocce Ball

  • Playing Cards

  • Yardzee with bucket, scoring cards, clipboards, & pens


  • Baskets with wood signs

  • 3 game tables

  • 2 small drink tables

  • Large GAMES sign

  • Delivery & pick up within 30 mile radius*

Take your celebration up a notch with our


Grand Lawn Games Package

Put Jenga or Connect Four in the center of each lounge.


Includes everything in the Classic Lawn Game Package

plus the following:


  • 2 Blackjack Area Rugs

  • 2 Bridger Benches with Faux Sheepskin

  • 4 Tawny Stools

  • 2 French Garden Tables

  • 4 Faux Plants

  • Delivery & Pick Up within a 50 miles radius*

"It's nice to have a place to set down your drink while you take your turn playing!"

"It's fun to sit, chat, and play!"

* Delivery & pick up are included in game packages only.  Additional rentals are subject to standard delivery fees.
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